Cupolas and Weathervanes

If you’re looking to add some charm and character to your home’s exterior, there’s no better way to do so than with a cupola from Kloter Farms. Custom, handcrafted cupolas from Kloter Farms are a simple yet significant way to boost curb appeal and elevate your home’s appearance.

Skyline Cupola

Best value!

Basic cupola designs, paired with traditional styling and zero compromise on quality.

Shape: square or hexagon
Material: white vinyl
Arched top windows or louvers
Roof: standing seam concave copper

Hilton Cupola

Noted for its refined New England elegance.

Paintable Azek vinyl to match your shed or home with three classic roof tops.

Shape: square or octagon
Material: white (Azek) vinyl
Arched top louvers or windows
Roof: asphalt, straight copper or concave copper

Crescent Ridge Cupola

Broader selection of customizable options.

Mid-range prices with the same high quality you'll find with all Kloter products.

Shape: octagon
Material: cedar and white vinyl
Arched top louvers or windows
Roof: riveted, bent over copper; concave or bell

Full Size Weathervanes

Our most popular weathervanes, carefully handcrafted with exceptional quality and craftsmanship. Browse through our large selection to find the perfect traditional or contemporary weathervane to complement your home.

Signature Weathervanes

These are the largest weathervanes we offer, designed for a more commercial setting rather than residential. Select from these classic designs to complete the architectural detail of your building.

Cottage Size Weathervanes

A smaller version of the Full Size Series, designed in proportion to your garden or storage building. Every weathervane is made with the same high quality and precise attention to detail as the larger, full size version.


These decorative finials look stunning on one of our Cupolas! Finials come standard with a powder coated steel rod for installation. Browse from over 10 unique styles!

Weathervane Accessories

Need to secure your weathervane? We carry a 12" Eave Mount that accommodates the full size and signature series or a Aluminum Roof Mount that accommodates a full size weathervane. Signature series weathervanes that need to be mounted to the roof, should have a cupola for best support.

What is a Cupola?

If you’ve ever driven by a home, barn, garage, or shed and noticed a small but tall enclosed (but with openings) structure perched atop a building’s roof, you may have been observing a cupola. These attractive architectural features can be found at homes all over the world.

While they originally served several functions, including adding light and ventilation, many cupolas are now purely decorative in nature. They can be further enhanced with an additional ornamental architectural detail, such as a finial or weathervane.

The Benefits of Cupolas

We often think of cupolas in terms of their decorative value. This makes sense, given that these turret-like features have the potential to enhance the appearance of your home dramatically. Available in various shapes, styles, and designs, cupolas are a beautiful blend of form and function.

However, cupolas have historically served practical purposes, as well, by adding air and light to a space. Whether you’re looking for all of these things or just one or two of them, incorporating a cupola into your home design or renovation is a smart solution.

One last reason to consider a cupola? They’re easy to install, require minimal alterations, and immediately deliver value.

The Many Types of Cupolas

There are two primary types of cupolas: functional and decorative. While functional cupolas open to the main home or barn, decorative cupolas perch atop a closed roof. The best kind of cupola for your home is directly determined by your needs.

Cupolas are available in many design styles: square, hexagonal, octagonal, onion top (curvy and bell-shaped), and Belvedere style.

They can also be made with a wide range of materials, including vinyl, wood, asphalt, and metal. Again, your choice of cupola material is influenced by your wants and needs as a homeowner. Regardless of which material you prefer, durability remains a paramount concern given that cupolas are outdoor structures and therefore must be strong enough to hold up to extreme weather, including everything from the burning sun to snow, rain, and wind.

The Kloter Farms Difference

Kloter Farms is a trusted provider of beautiful and durable outdoor structures. Suppose you’re interested in adding a cupola to your home’s exterior. In that case, a Kloter Farms cupola offers all the exceptional quality, craftsmanship, and customer service for which this family-owned company has long been known. We don’t mass produce one-size-fits-all products. Instead, we work with you to understand your vision so we can create an outdoor structure that will bring it to life.

Our heirloom-quality outdoor furniture is handcrafted by skilled artisans using time-honored techniques.

Another reason to feel good about buying a Kloter Farms cupola? All of our outdoor furniture is made in the USA.

Create Your Own Custom Cupola

When you choose to partner with Kloter Farms for your cupola project, you can do so with the peace of mind that comes with knowing we’ll custom-make your cupola to your exact specifications. We offer many cupolas designs, each customized across everything from wood type to base type to clear coat to screens. Louvers, transom windows, and other features are also customizable.

Whether you’re looking for a vinyl square cupola with windows or a cedar octagon cupola with windows and a bell copper roof, Kloter Farms can deliver. And as with all of our outdoor furniture, you’ll also get a commitment to quality and durability, ensuring that your new cupola will continue to bring you joy for years to come.

We also offer a wide selection of finials, full-size and cottage-size weathervanes, and weathervane accessories to add the perfect finishing touch to your cupola design.

Customize Your Kloter Farms Cupola Today

If you’re interested in upgrading your home, barn, garage, gazebo, or other outdoor structure, a Kloter Farms cupola can make all the difference. From our wood and vinyl cupolas to our roof-mounted weathervanes and weathervanes for barns, we hold all of our structures to rigorous standards to ensure they’ll withstand the dual tests of time and taste.

Not sure exactly what you’re looking for in a cupola or other outdoor structure? The Kloter Farms team will be happy to walk you through your options to help you determine the best solution for your unique concerns. We’ll also be available to you every step of the way — from your initial query and throughout the design process and installation.

To learn more about cupolas or to discover cupolas for sale near me in CT, RI, or MA, shop Kloter Farms today.

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